To do things and more things for chaseGodtv, simply put, stuff cost money lol. From day one, chaseGodtv has never been about profit, and when the math is done, we are still putting more into than getting out. Profit is not bad, but the mission has never aimed for that so it's not seen as a failure. The success is the testimonies across the WORLD of what chaseGodtv has done for the personal lives of so many people. 

With that being said, many people are always asking to support financially, and for a couple years I've felt some kind of way about receiving money from people for doing what I enjoy and what blesses people. After weighing, praying, and conversing, I think it's okay now to give people that outlet and allow the Lord to provide for the efforts of chaseGodtv through the people who are blessed by it. 

If that is you, here you go. Thank you. Grace and peace.