Joseph Solomon is a Texas native raised near Fort Hood, which is a large army base in Central Texas. Joseph is most recognized from the YouTube channel, chaseGodtv, which has attracted millions of views on videos addressing Christian doctrine and application for youth and young adults.

Joe started chaseGodtv in the living room of his Houston apartment, with the desire to show Christians practical ways to understand and live out the faith. Many of the topics come from his own personal experiences filtered through a Biblical worldview. He knew that he was not perfect himself, so the only way to teach other imperfect people how to strive for perfection was to point them to Someone who already embodies that. Every webisode is an attempt to approach common struggles and questions through the lens of the Gospel of Christ. 

He travels the country speaking on these topics featured on chaseGodtv, as well as performing poetry and music. He received a bachelor’s degree in Speech Communication from The University of Texas at Tyler, and is a recent resident of Chicago, IL. He has had the privilege of being a speaker and performer at the Legacy Conference Disciple-Making Conference, P4CM's Rhetoric, the Freedom Tour, the Poets In Autumn Tour, and many churches and college campuses around the country. He serves locally with Legacy Christian Fellowship in Chicago, and GRIP Outreach for Youth, a non-profit organization serving Chicago's fatherless teens.