By God's grace, I started chaseGodtv in my Houston, Texas apartment summer of 2012.

Life was pulling me in various ways to chase after fleeting and temporal pleasures; some of which were evil, and some were not evil at all. As Tim Keller says, the problem is not that we want things, but that we want things too badly. The natural inclination of the heart is to want creation more than the Creator; to make good things "god things".

Today is the same. Life is still pulling at me in various ways to chase after creation rather than the Creator. To say "chase God" is not to suggest that He is in any way evasive or running away from us, but that we are to lay aside every weight which clings so closely and "go after" Jesus (Luke 9:23). 

The heart behind starting and continuing chaseGodtv is to equip and encourage others (including myself) for the race set before us. I began making videos that were intentionally short but power-packed. By accident, the tagline became "cut to the chase", which is to say let's get to pursuing God and let's quickly get to the heart of the matter in the video. 

Over the past four years, large audiences have been faithfully tuning in to chaseGodtv from all over the U.S., South Africa, United Kingdom, and more. The testimonies through e-mail, tweets, YouTube comments, and in-person conversation have been countless and amazing. I never knew the impact recording videos in my living room would reach so far and influence so deeply.

The mission of chaseGodtv is to provide believers with resources and art to equip and encourage themselves along those around them. These efforts come primarily through teaching webisodes, poetry, and music. We aim to challenge the audience to see life through the lens of the Gospel of Jesus, and explore practical wisdom for everyday life guided by God's word. Though chaseGodtv is used by many, the general audience in mind when creating content is teens, college students, and young adults. The goal has always been to push them to run after Jesus.  

-Joseph Solomon


“We pursue God because, and only because, He has first put an urge within us that spurs us to the pursuit; and all the time we are pursuing Him we are already in His hand.”
— A.W. Tozer; Pursuit of God